Custodian Life Limited is a life insurance company incorporated and regulated in Bermuda. Custodian Life was built with both the client and the adviser in mind, with compliance and transparency being key. Custodian Life is registered under the Insurance Act 1978 and the Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000. The Company is under supervision of the Insurance Department within the Bermuda Monetary Authority. Custodian Life offers one product with 100% flexibility to offer clients tailored solutions.


Whatever your needs or challenges, Custodian Life have the industry insight, experience and global perspectives to help. Understanding that sharing information and, more importantly, helping you make sense of it, is one of Custodian Life's most important responsibilities. At a time when global financial institutions have received criticism for the way in which they do business, Custodian Life recognises that reputation and people are their most valuable assets.


Custodian Life is striving to be the best caretaker, the best guardian, and the best keeper and protector for policyholders, shareholders, employees and officers. This philosophy and outlook governs all of their business practises, providing clients a superior level of service.


Custodian Life offers a revolutionary investment bond providing superior investment, protection and tax-planning solutions tailored to your requirements. It is their mission to be one of the first insurance companies that actively work to be transparent in cost, quality, and services delivered. Custodian Life link the traditional view of the insurance industry with the use of state of the art online platforms with both informative and trading facilities.


Integrity at Custodian Life requires courage and accountability. This includes delivering work of the highest quality by their standards as well as those of their clients. Custodian Life do not compromise intellectual integrity for special interests, sharing their objective findings with clients, even those that may be unpopular, in a manner that is both candid and respectful.


If you'd like to learn more about Custodian Life, drop us a line on +44 (0) 1624 692177 or get in touch here: