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The Montello Real Estate Opportunity Fund is a Luxembourg SICAV-SIF S.A. (AIF) open to well-informed investors, corporate entities, trustees and other investment vehicles such as offshore bonds and platforms.

The investment objective is to ensure that the fund provides stable,?consistent, high level returns for investors, with limited volatility, whilst?taking steps to preserve initial capital, with a target to achieve an average?total return of 6-10% per annum.
The Fund invests in real estate lending opportunities in the UK, with?a focus on London and the South East of England. The core portfolio?consists of secured direct lending, with the opportunity to participate?in equity upside potential in real estate and associated securities and?investments.
The Fund?s Borrowers and Counterparties are typically experienced?property developers and entrepreneurs with a need for short-term?funding (3-18 months) in order to seize a time-sensitive opportunity?and take the acquisition or project through to completion.




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Investment Focus:

Medium to Long-Term

Minimum Investment:

GBP 10,000

Net Target Return:

6 – 10%

GBP A -?LU1004413578

GBP D -?LU1004413818

EUR B -?LU1004413651

EUR E?-?LU1004413909

USD C?-?LU1004413735

USD F?-?LU1004414030